Links to articles on the pronunciation chart

Hello everyone

During October I have been Guest Writer on the British Council Teaching English website. If you click here you’ll find a couple of new articles and some blog postings, all relating to the Pron Chart. And there are a good number of interesting comments from teachers. Please add your own.

The Teaching English site has a lot of good material on it covering a wide range of topics, so it’s well worth having a look around.

There is also an interview with me which was conducted by Rob Lewis in London last month, in which we talk about about general ELT matters and about pron, and there is a short demonstration and tour of the pron chart.

You can click directly through to my articles, blogs and interview from the Blogroll on the right of this screen.

I must add that I found these 4 weeks writing on Teaching English very helpful in developing my ideas about the chart. It was great to be pushed along by readers’ comments and questions.

In November I’ll be spending more time on this blog, adrianpronchart, so check in and see you around!

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