The SOUNDS Pronunciation App

At last after some really exciting work with Macmillan, the Sounds App! Based around the familiar Sound Foundations chart….
All power to individual learners, their colleagues and their teachers!

For Apple iPhone, iPad and Andoid devices.

This is a totally portable pronunciation development tool
Developing it has been a very interesting challenge for me, to be part of a team working on what apps can do and how to get the best  from them, and on what pronunciation is about and what leaners need, AND then putting all this together in a highly compact and succinct form.

So, what do you get?
You get a nice looking pron chart. It really does look good, though I say so myself, and it’s asking to be tapped!
Tap to hear a sound, tap and hold to hear the example word
Record your voice and compare your pron
650 words
Practice phonetic spelling and get that nailed once and for all
Practice pron in relation to all four skills
Plus tips for students, for teachers
And instructional videos on line
And you can choose between British or American English charts, sounds, words and activities!

Free Version, available now, see sidebar for immediate download
Interactive chart
British English Sounds
Video: Introduction to the chart

Premium version £3.99, available pretty soon
As for Free version, PLUS:
American English chart etc
Phonemic transcriptions and audio
Record your self
Practice activities
Phonemic typewriter
Tips for teachers
Tips for students
Workshop video

Have a look at the free one, and let me know what you think. All feedback welcome

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6 Responses to The SOUNDS Pronunciation App

  1. Rysia says:

    The android version is not ready

  2. willingtohave says:

    When the final version will be available to download?
    It’s almost 1 mounth that i’m waiting.


  3. Matt Kay says:

    Hi Willingtohave,

    We’re looking to have the Premium version ready for around the beginning of June, for both Apple and Android devices. At the moment we have the Free version available for both.

    You can sign-up to get an email when we release new versions if you’d like at



  4. Bruno says:

    Awesome app! BTW, when are we getting an article or chapter exploring the American English chart and its differences? I’m looking forward to it!

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