Webinar: Teaching Difficult Sounds

On 13/11/2014 I will give a webinar in the Macmillan Education Online Conference

This is a one week online conference with many different speakers each day. Click here for the programme and to book your place.

Teaching Difficult Sounds


Part of the Exams session at the Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014, this webinar will boost your confidence in teaching pronunciation and provide you with practical tips and techniques for tackling some of the trickiest sounds, such as th, r, l.

Who is it for?

The Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014 is open to all teachers and professionals working in ELT and is FREE to attend

During this webinar, Adrian will discuss:

The pronunciation chart and how it helps learners

Finding the muscles that make the new sounds

Using easy sound positions to find the difficult ones

How to correct and practise these sounds

How to make optimal use of learner errors

Insights into pronunciation that shed new light on typical problems.

After the conference this webinar will be available on the Macmillan ELT website and on YouTube. I’ll post the links here when I get them

Hope to see you there!    Adrian


ALSO…. Check my 3 minute video series on pronunciation, here, and let me know what you think… thanks!



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2 Responses to Webinar: Teaching Difficult Sounds

  1. Elvira Carralero says:

    Just brilliant!!! It sounds simple but that’s the beauty of it.

  2. Beatriz Cabrera Portillo says:

    EXQUISITE. Your simplicity makes you the greatest.

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