About the author

About Adrian

I am series editor of the Macmillan Books for Teachers, author of Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation and an advisor in the development of the new Macmillan English Dictionary.

I have been a teacher and trainer for many years and was director of the International Teacher Training Institute at International House in Hastings until 1999. Now I work as an international ELT consultant and trainer so I do a variety of things like running training courses in various countries, writing articles, working with Macmillan Books for Teachers, speaking at conferences and also school consultancy.

I was lucky to make the early and happy professional discovery that pronunciation has the potential to transform the quality of students’ learning through the simple mediation of an ‘intelligent’ phonemic chart along with attention to the muscles that shape the sounds, and certain techniques for engaging the students. I am encouraged by the increasing number of teachers wanting to find out more about this. I look forward to our exchanges and to my own learning from this.

I could just add that if you drop by when I’m not doing any of this you’ll probably find me working in my organic garden or playing in a jazz band or just drinking tea…