Sound Foundations: Teacher Training Videos update

Here is an update of links to my new 3-Minute pronunciation video series, other recent teacher training videos, articles and resources including the Sounds App and The Interactive Phonemic Chart (British and American English versions)

1.. The first 24 of the new 3-Minute teacher training videos are available to view here. Shortly all 35 will be available

2.. On this new Macmillan One Stop English page you can find the following: – Sound Foundations videos – Recent articles on pronunciation teaching (not available on this blog) – British and American English Interactive phonemic charts, with sounds and optional sample words – The Sound Foundations App v3. These are all accessible here

3.. My talk Proprioception in learning new sounds, words and connected speech is available on Youtube here

.. One Hour Sound Foundations teacher training video, plus various shorter extracts, is available to view here. Recorded at Oxford University

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